Real Deal

Ep. 8

PSD Template-Recovered

Elijah, Myles, and Sam discuss women’s pay gap in sports, men’s tennis, and more crazy NBA trades




Ep. 7

PSD Template

Elijah, Myles, Sam, and Kam talk NBA offseason and the death of Tyler Skaggs



Ep. 6


Sam and Myles talk KD season ender, disappointing UEFA Champions League final, and David Ortiz injury



Ep. 5


Myles, Sam, and Elijah talk NBA playoffs, NFL protests, and PGA tour


Ep. 4


Myles and Sam talk NBA playoffs, UEFA Champions League, and the upcoming 2019-2020 NFL season



Ep. 3


Myles and Sam talk Tiger, NBA playoffs, and go off the rails discussing Twitter



Ep. 2


Sam and Myles discuss the end of March Madness, NBA playoffs, UCL predictions, and The Masters



Ep. 1


Sam and Myles talk baseball, Mike Trout, offseason football, the status of the Lakers, and March Madness